Credits & Reputation Points


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    Credits & Reputation Points

    Post by Lawson on Fri Apr 24 2009, 13:49

    Credits System

    Since the new updates are in, I decided to go ahead and run a preview of our new "Credits (points) Achievement" update. This is a preview for all users to hurry up and gain Credits before CreditShop opens.

    How can I recieve Credits?

    There are a few ways for you to recieve Credits. Here is the Credits board :

    1 Post = 1 Credit
    1 Thread = 3 Credits
    1 Profile Message = 3 Credits
    1 Friend = 5 Credits
    Free Daily Credits = 5 Credits

    Reputation System

    Reputation isn't necessarily anything important, it just shows how good of a user you are.

    How can I recieve +Rep

    For every message you make in the entire forum, there will be a Reputation Rating for the posts. If a user likes your post and gives you a positive rating, you will recieve 1 Reputation Point. If a user doesn't like your post and gives you a negative rating, then you do not recieve Reputation, but the credit for that post will decrease. You can also achieve Reputation points by having a user "thank" you after helping that user. For example, if you help a user and clicks the "Thanks" button, you will recieve 3 Reputation Points.

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