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    Fullysicorb Tutorial Empty Fullysicorb Tutorial

    Post by Lawson on Sun May 10 2009, 14:56

    fully sic orb

    hi guys, today i am going to tell you how to make a fully sic orb Very Happy you finished product will look like this:

    Fullysicorb Tutorial Orbdoneish

    Step 1: Create a new file, 400x400 and colour the background in black.

    Step 2: go to Filter>Render>Lens Flare and make the lens type 105mm prime.

    Step 3: click on Filter>Distort>Polar Coordinates and make it polar to rectangular.

    Step 4: go to image>rotate canvas 180.

    Step 5: Then go to Filter>Distort>Polar Coordinates again, now choose rectangular to polar.

    Step 6: you image should now look like an orb, but we are not done yet!

    Step 7: now take the the Rectangular Marquee Tool create a circle around the orb, hold shift+alt and click and drag FROM THE MIDDLE OF THE ORB until you get to the edges of the orb.

    Step 8: right click inside the circle and click layer via cut and delete the background layer.

    step 9: create a new layer and colour it in black. now paste your orb in.

    Step 10: Now press ctrl+t to free transform, now minimize your orb, not too much that its tiny, just so there is space around it, should look something like this >

    Step 11: now right click that layer and click blending options, and choose the following settings >

    you may choose your own colours. once done, should looks something like this.

    Fullysicorb Tutorial Orbdoneish

    Step 12: You are almost finished! just add your owned custom text/pictures or whatever you want to do and ur done!!!

    Step 13: well there is none.


    This Tutorial is created by Tim ~ www.prenders.net

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