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    Post by Lawson on Sat May 16 2009, 14:01

    ForuMotion Review

    Our Reviews F4pkwl

    First Impression (4/10)

    • Aestheticism (3/5):
      The forum is clean and fresh (+1). The graphics used will make every
      visitor feel confidence (+1). The index is as big as it should be (+1).
      There isn't any Welcome Message or something similar (-1). Also, there
      isn't a fast log in ability in the top of the index (-1).
      Suggestions: Use a Welcome Message to welcome the visitors and activate the fast log in ability or some widgets.
    • Activity (1/5):
      In the most of the forums the last post has being written recenty (+1).
      Not all the forums have posts and there are forums with only one post
      (-1). No one else was online while I was exploring your forum (-1).
      There are less than 300 messages (-1) and less than 100 members (-1).
      Post in all the forums or remove the empty forums. Increase the members
      and the amount of the posts. Make the members more active.

    Graphics (9/10)

    • Banner, Buttons, Ranks etc. (5/5):
      The buttons look good and they are attractive and creative (+1). Their
      quality is high (+1). We can understand their meanings eg. whether
      there are new posts or not and what every forum incudes (+1). They
      match the whole style of the forum (+1).
      Suggestions: -
    • Colours (4/5):
      They match the whole style of the forum and the buttons (+1). They are
      simple (+1) and not exhausting (+1). They aren’t very dark, nor very
      light (+1). There are some problems with them when a profile is viewed
      Suggestions: -

    Members – Activity – Staff (7/15)

    • Members (1/5):
      There are less than 100 members (-1). No new members registered or
      logged in while I was online (-1). Only 9 members have more than 10
      posts (-1). Only 5 members logged in the last 24 hours (-1). A member
      has more than 200 posts (+1).
      Suggestions: Increase the
      number of the members, as stated before. Advertise and promote the
      forum, search for affiliates and try to make the forum popular.
      Persuade members to be more active and to post more.
    • Activity (1/5):
      There are some active members (+1). Most the forums have a very small
      amount of posts (-1). The posts per member ratio is 3.4 and it’s very
      low, even for a relatively new forum like yours (-1). Only one member
      has more than 100 posts (-1). 2/7 of the total members have never
      visited the forum (-1).
      Suggestions: Increase the amount of
      the posts. It's vital for your forum right now! Make the forum more
      interesting because a big amount of members just register and don't log
    • Staff (5/5): There is only one member
      in the Staff team and I think that you don't need any other staff right
      now (+1). The moderation is done properly (+1). The admin is active he
      has logged in recently (+1). He has written a big amount of posts (+1).
      He seems to be interested in the forum (+1).
      Suggestions: -


    • Clean and fresh design
    • Good index' size
    • Nice graphics and colours
    • Interested admin
    • Some active members


    • No welcome message
    • Not enough members
    • Not enough posts
    • Low posts per member ratio
    • Many users have never logged in

    Final Score: 20/35 or 11/20

    Some suggestions/ways to make your more forum successful:


    • As
      you may know, Forumotion provides us with the "Forum Promotion"
      service, where you can promote your forum for free. You can check this
      service by clicking here.
    • There
      are many forum promotion forums in the web and many directories in
      which you can inscribe the forum. Also, you can advertise your forum in
      Facebook, Google etc. but you have to pay


    • You can persuade members to post more by organising some activities like:

      • Competitions - Contests
      • Interesting topics
      • Games
      • Meetings
      • Discussions


    • Nothing needed here

    I hope the best for "UltiForums". Just read the review and follow it. Your forum will become successful Sad

    ForuMansion Review #1

    Forum Index Layout

    1. Index & Portal Appearance (Score: 7/10):
      I think you've configured the portal in a very nice way that looks very
      nice and tidy. If I was to come onto a new site I'd never seen before,
      that is the sort of portal I would be looking for. The index was what
      let down the score. The whole appearcence in general is pretty poor
      thus me only giving 2/5 on it. It's the dark colours & poor banner
      that really ruins the index.
    2. Categories & Forums (Score: 8/10):
      I think you've done a very good job on the ammount of forums you have
      on the index. For me, it's just the right ammount. So I applaud you for
      doing well under that criteria. The forums are reasonably easy to
      navigate around but not overly.

    Layout total: 15/20

    Forum Style

    1. Template Layout & Color Scheme (Score: 3/10):
      Sorry but I find your template and colouruing very poor. The black just
      doesn't work at all along with the rest of your colourings. Under
      peoples posts you have black text on a black background, where's your
      common sense? The layout hasn't been been configured well either.
    2. Banner & Icons (Score: 6/10): Ok I'll start with the bad news Wink
      Your banner is nice but you have completely ruined it. With the awful
      background of whatever those 2 men are, the banner just doesn't show up
      properly on it not to mention the banners not centralised which it
      probably should be. To the good new, your icons are very good. I like
      how you've thought about each forum properly and added the appropriate
      icon. Only thing I'd reccomend is you get a different icon for current
      posts and new posts on the index. (

    Style total: 9/20

    Forum Moderation

    1. Staff Population (Score: 2/10):
      It's pretty poor to only have yourself as a staff member. You surely
      need at least 1 moderator? I'd reccomend 2 always at least.
    2. Staff Activity & Moderation (Score: 5/10):
      I can't really judge on the moderation score because I've never seen
      you moderate at all. Your staff activity is ace though simply because
      your the only satff member ^_^
    3. Staff Groups (Score: 7/10):
      You have the main 2 groups being admins & moderators and that is
      something I always expect from forums. However you could do better by
      making a global/super moderators group.

    Moderation total: 14/30

    Forum Activity

    1. Member Population (Score: 8/10): The thing that puzzles me is how you have a very good ammount of members, but your post count doesn't share that comment Neutral So yes, you certainly have a good ammount of members.
    2. Post/Member Ratio (Score: 4/10): Your post ratio isn't all that good as you have very minimalistic post levels but your member ratio is suprisingly high.
    3. Member Activity (Score: 3/10):
      Although you may have alot of members, I'd say a good 80-90% of them
      have never posted. So your member activity score isn't great.

    Activity total: 15/30

    Overall Mark: 53/100

    could be done to improve your forum: I really think you ought to remove
    that horrible background as it's making your forum look tacky, plus
    it's ruining your banner. Also, as you have such a high level of
    members try sending a newsletter out to tempt them back, and for
    current members and new members give them something that makes them
    want to come back time after time.

    best thing I like about your forum: I love your portal and your forum
    icons, I think you've done a great job on both of those factors.

    ForuMansion Review #2

    Your Forum Review


    1. First Impressions (Score: 6/10):
      My first impression was the text style. The text part was a basic
      thing, even though the skin is Jalokim Graphics 2009. Also, I saw the
      images that are stolen from here; stealing in not legit which lowered
      your score a bit. Please change the images and we'll clear your name Wink
    2. Index Appearance (Score: 5/5): Very nice appearance. Nothing to suggest but the background just a bit, just a tiny bit
    3. Categories & Forums (Score: 4/5): The icons are the same as some sites. The dscriptions were clear, too with a lot of information.
    4. Organization (Score: 8/10):
      A little-bit off track. I mean, Staff and Designing in General? World
      News in Entertainment? This requires a section for itself.

    Generalities total: 23/30

    Forum Style

    1. Banner & Navigation Bar (Score: 10/10): The banner scores very big points and even though there are no designer navbars, the text navbars match very well to the skin Very Happy
      Banner: Scores 8/10

      Navigation Bar: Scores 2/10
    2. Images & Icons (Score: 4/5):
      A bit small and rusty. You see, the icons fit well on the skin,
      however; they are small and out-of detail. the sticky, announcement,
      new post no new posts and locked should be changed to match the skin;
      dark green or blue.
    3. Forum Layout & Color Scheme (Score: 5/5):
      Everything is almost the same color and the banner has multiple cool
      colors; the layout is nice too but too much spaces in-between
      categories and forums.

    Style total: 19/20

    Forum Moderation & Groups

    1. Staff Population (Score: 8/10): It is a bit too small, just 3 more people in total; one more admin and one more super mod. If you do that, it would be 10/10
      Administration- 2 member(s)

      Moderation- 5 member(s)
    2. Staff/User Groups (Score: 10/10): Groups fit for a king, which means just enough for everything; don't add or subtract groups or it would be a worse score.
    3. Staff Activity (Score: 5/10):
      Only about half of staff are actually active, so half the score. Either
      demoted them or hire more members, or email them to be active Very Happy

    Staff total: 23/30

    Forum Activity

    1. Post/Member Ratio (Score: 6/10):
      It is a bit poor, ask members ot be more active/loyal to your forum so
      they may become a staff member. Also you may make a VIP group so if
      they're nice or help people, they go to that group and could access the
      VIP group.
    2. Forum Date and Activity (Score: 6/10): Same as the Member/Post Ratio. The activity isn't that bad, but still needs a bit more screwing and wahsing.

    Activity total: 12/20

    Overall Mark: 77/100
    Our Reviews Passed


    could be done to improve your forum: Original images, categories and
    forums would be helpful. Otherwise, in real life doing that in a store,
    it's called "stealing." It doesn't even really match to the skin a bit.
    I consider changing them to make them original for a different forum

    best thing I like about your forum: The banner and the staff population
    are really good. The banner is the best thing on your forum; it matches
    it clearly like a crystal Very Happy

    Best of luck to you and your forum. Hope you like my review

    AdministratorsArea Review

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    Post by TigTrivers on Sat May 16 2009, 19:01

    Well at least you improved

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    Post by Lawson on Sat May 16 2009, 22:58

    Ye.... we're waiting for Administrator's Review.
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    Post by TigTrivers on Mon May 18 2009, 17:02

    I just got 82 from forumadvertiser.com

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    Post by MiniRadi on Fri May 29 2009, 00:37

    lol very nice

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    Post by Lawson on Sat May 30 2009, 11:37

    Administartors Area

    Our Reviews Untitl10

    • First impression: I love the banner!


      Score: 10/10

      Layout: I think you should keep were everything is Wink

    • Images: The images make the forums easier to find Wink


      Score: 8/10
    • Colors: I think you should change the moderator color.

      Advice: change it.

      Score: 8/10
    • Categories: I think you should change 'Announcements' in place of 'UltiForum-Related'

      Advice: Change the layout.

      Score: 9/10

      Total score for layout: 35/40


    • Members: There is a good flow of members coming Smile

      Advice: Try to get little bit more.

      Score: 14/15

    • Staff: You have good amount of staff, but I think you should get more GFX designers. And Super Moderator isn't needed(my opinion)

      Advice: Look @ my advice ^^

      Score: 9/15
    • Statistics: I think you should get more posts in your statics Wink

      Advice: Post more.

      Score: 9/10

      Total activities score: 32/40

      Our Reviews Congra10

      Total score: 77/90
    • Grade: B

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    Post by TigTrivers on Sat May 30 2009, 17:05

    That is the worst review in the history of bad reviews Razz

    Good mark though

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    Post by BlindingAngel on Wed Aug 19 2009, 12:00

    very nice! I'm proud that I'm being part of this forum

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