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    How to post an Image Empty How to post an Image

    Post by Lawson on Thu Mar 12 2009, 23:39

    For those whom don't know how to post images.

    1. You will need an free image host, such as:

    Photobucket - Imageshack - Tinypic

    Warning: Some of them will require you to signup to upload images.

    2. Upload the image to the server, use the browse and find which one you want.

    Once it has uploaded, some of them will give you a Code, if it has a
    Forum code Option, select it and then copy paste into your Signature or

    If you don't have that option, goto 4.

    4. Now you
    have the image url, copy it and then go to your Signature or Post -
    Whicever you want to put it in and hit the Small button at the top
    Right corner that looks like a picture (How to post an Image Picture) it will ask you to paste the
    image url, hit ok once you are done. You should now have the image

    5. For those whom want codes:


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