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    Post by Crust on Sat May 30 2009, 06:11

    Hey Guys, well I wanted to tell you guys that today in the very
    morning, I waswitnesses of an Earthquake of 7.1 Degrees.
    In the states may sound that you get those often, by in Honduras is
    really rare. The Earthquake was exactly behind ''Islas de la Bahia''
    and we felt it since we are near of the coast. Thank God nothing bad
    happened to us, just some windows broken and vases and stuff like that.
    However, we are in alarm of a Tsunami... But It all calm down now qwe were all scare Cause there Rare in Honduras as I said before

    Thanks Crust

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    Post by MiniRadi on Sat May 30 2009, 06:17

    ok ohh yehh i heard about that before

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